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Brooke and Julian try to navigate their busy lives this week. Elsewhere, Nathan and Haley play host to a guest, while Alex sets her eyes on Alexander.

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thank youuu!


"Its hard when you miss people. Ya know if you miss em' it means your lucky. It means you had someone in your life....someone worth missing."-Nathan talkin to Jamie tonight ;)


does anyone know that quote about missing people?

One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Clay: How's it going J.Scott?
Jamie: Too many girls at our house, not enough cereal.

Jamie: Who ate all my cereal?
Quinn: Sorry buddy, Aunt Taylor likes to take things that aren't hers.

One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 16 Music

  Song Artist
Brooklyn Brooklyn Wakey!Wakey! iTunes
Song Brooklyn Blurs The Purple Raincoat
Carefree Carefree Samantha Stollenwerck iTunes