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Parenthood Season 5

"The Pontiac"

Adam and Crosby remember the past while Sarah gives Hank an answer on the season 5 finale on Parenthood.

"I'm Still Here"

Crosby asks Joel for help with a household issue while Julia discusses her relationship issues with Sarah on Parenthood.

"Cold Feet"

Julia helps Kristina and Adam but finds she's at a crossroads in her own life while Zeek and Camille make a decision about the house on Parenthood.

"Fraud Alert"

Sarah is in high spirits after finishing her project at work while Adam tries to cheer up a Max by taking him on a new adventure. Amber treats Sydney and Victor to a surprise on Parenthood.

"The Offer"

Victor is left at a baseball game due to a misunderstanding while Sarah waits to see how the ad agency responds to her photos on Parenthood.


Jasmine and Crosby have an issue over Aida's upbringing while Sarah needs Adam and Kristina to step in with Max causes a disruption on Parenthood.

"The Enchanting Mr. Knight"

Kristina starts a new adventure after her latest checkup. Amber encourages Drew to move on while Julia struggles to move forward on Parenthood.

"Just Like at Home"

Julia turns to her family for support while Amber offers Drew some romantic advice and Crosby and Jasmine move in with his parents on Parenthood.

"You've Got Mold"

Julia and Joel decide to tell the kids the truth, Kristina becomes a community counselor and Jasmine and Crosby find out they've got mold on Parenthood.

"Jump Ball"

Amber avoids dealing with her feelings about Ryan leaving. Camille finally comes home from Italy but not everyone gives her a warm welcome on Parenthood.

"Stay a Little Longer"

Amber tries to talk to Ryan before he is deployed once again while Joel and Julia deal with their crumbling marriage on Parenthood.


Joel and Julia's marriage is on the line while Sarah moves on with her neighbor on Parenthood.

"All That's Left is the Hugging"

Amber and Ryan confront their issues while Joel and Julia must decide if they will come together for the sake of their family on Parenthood.

"Election Day"

Election Day arrives on Parenthood and Kristina and Adam are optimistic about her chances for winning while Crosby and Jasmine use the day to teach Jabar.

"The Ring"

Amber makes a decision that affects Ryan while Adam gets some unwanted attention during Kristina's campaign and Julia gets upsetting news from Victor's school on Parenthood.

"Speaking of Baggage"

Kristina shares a story about her and Adam with Amber while Zeek spends time alone and Max finds an old photo of Sarah and Hank on Parenthood.

"The M Word"

Julia and Joel struggle to keep their marriage together while Sarah and Amber disagree over wedding issues on Parenthood.

"Let's Be Mad Together"

Julia and Camille find that they have common ground they're not completely comfortable with while many in the family deal with boundary issues on Parenthood.

"In Dreams Begin Responsibilities"

Adam is out of his comfort zone as Kristina's campaign moves forward and Sarah and Amber begin to have problems while planning Amber's wedding on Parenthood.

"Nipple Confusion"

On Parenthood, Jasmine and Crosby continue to struggle with their newborn while Zeek and Camilla are at odds over the house and Kristina and Adam deal with her campaign.

"All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard"

Amber and Ryan bask in their engagement but Sarah isn't thrilled and gets conflicting advice from Hank and Adam on Parenthood.

"It Has To Be Now"

On the Parenthood season 5 premiere, Jasmine and Crosby enjoy their new baby while Kristina dives into a new project after her cancer-free diagnosis and Hank moves back to California.

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