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Crosby and Jasmine are still in over their heads with the kids.
Adam tells Crosby he got the rights to the Ashes of Rome songs.
Max is capturing real moments for the yearbook.
A realtor shows up at Zeek and Camille's house saying she could get them top of the market for their Handyman's special.
Sarah attempts to fix her neighbor's toilet and it explodes.
Joel and Julia argue over his job.
The group isn't as excited as Adam about their new deal to make an album.
Max's teacher tells her that Max can no longer take photos for yearbook.
Ryan shows up at Sarah's to fix the toilet and she thinks he's there to talk about their he and Amber.
Hank is giving Max advice about photography that conflicts with what Kristina is telling him.
Joel suggests to Peet they talk about their creative process and she wants to know if he wants to talk about boundaries.
Ryan tells Amber what happened with Sarah and says he felt ambushed. He wants to know if Sarah knows about their fight at the funeral.
Camille tells Julia she wants to sell the house.
Joel and Peet share a dinner.
Crosby and Adam continue to fight over the new Luncheonette label.
Kristina stands up for Max at school.
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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Joel: How do I set boundaries with your sister?
Julia: Her you just help.

Adam: I said I'm gonna go get the songs. You said OK.
Crosby: But I didn't really think you would possibly be able to pull it off.
Adam: Well, that was you're mistake. You didn't believe in me but look at me, I pulled it off.