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Watch Parenthood Season 2 Episode 7
"Seven Names"
Original Air Date:

Adam must make a major company decision on this episode, while Jabbar reacts surprisingly to Crosby and Jasmine's wedding plans. Elsewhere, Sarah has a difficult time relating to and trusting her teenage daughter.

Halloween Spirit
Watch Parenthood Season 2 Episode 6
"Orange Alert"
Original Air Date:

Zeek tries to get into the Halloween episode this week, but Haddie, Amber and Drew refuse to join in. In other storyline news, Sarah's relationship with Gordon gets even more complicated.

Love Interests
Watch Parenthood Season 2 Episode 5
"The Booth Job"
Original Air Date:

Kristina heads to an Asperger's support group this week and attempts to convince Adam to come along. Elsewhere, Crosby and Jasmine get Julia's assistance in getting Jabbar to Sydney's school in this week's episode, "The Booth Job".

Max and Monica
Watch Parenthood Season 2 Episode 4
"Date Night"
Original Air Date:

Kristina schedules a date night with Adam on this episode, while Sarah spots Drew with a girl and delivers a few words of wisdom. Also, Crosby learns a lesson about being a dad.

I'm Cooler Than You Think Scene
Watch Parenthood Season 2 Episode 3
"I'm Cooler Than You Think"
Original Air Date:

This week's installment of Parenthood is titled "I'm Cooler Than You Think." Sarah's coworker offers advice on Amber, who's been spending a lot of time with a new friend. Elsewhere, Julia wants another baby and Adam works on his relationship with Max.

Adam's New Boss
Watch Parenthood Season 2 Episode 2
"No Good Deed"
Original Air Date:

On the second episode of the second season, Kristina assists Suze Lessing through her divorce by babysitting Noel. Elsewhere, Jasmine and Crosby engage in a debate: where should Jabbar live when the former takes a new job?

Billy Baldwin on Parenthood
Watch Parenthood Season 2 Episode 1
"I Hear You, I See You"
Original Air Date:

Work and family obligations overwhelm Adam on the season two premiere. Elsewhere, Zeek attempts to fix a leak in the barn, while Sarah searches for herself and Crosby gets ready for a visit from Jasmine and Jabbar.

Playing a Song
Watch Parenthood Season 1 Episode 13
"Lost and Found"
Original Air Date:

The first season of Parenthood comes to an end this week, as tensions between Sarah and Amber reach a boiling point. Elsewhere, Zeek tries to win back Camille. Crosby also struggles with losing his son and makes a tough decision.

Go Family Team!
Watch Parenthood Season 1 Episode 12
"Team Braverman"
Original Air Date:

This week on "Team Braverman" Haddie and Amber get into a physical altercation, which divides their family. Jasmine goes on a dance audition, which might have her move to New York.

Haddie and Adam
Watch Parenthood Season 1 Episode 11
Original Air Date:

This week on Solace, Zeek crashes with Adam after being kicked out of his own home, while Camille also goes out and has some fun of her own. Elsewhere, Amber feels guilty about how she betrayed Haddie, while Crosby contemplates settling down.

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Jasmine, you are my family!


I think what makes me the angriest is that you would go somewhere that I can't know where you're safe.


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