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Caleb and the girls notice a fake i.d. belonging to a dark-haired Alison in the video from A's cellphone. Although they try to keep the information to themselves, Hanna finds out and is hurt that everyone lied to her about Caleb's continued involvement. She eventually forgives her friends and boyfriend and also confesses to Caleb that someone has been using information about her mother's bank theft to keep her under control. Hanna also remembers that she saw Alison with the brunette wig once at a salon, except Ali called herself Vivian Darkbloom. Spencer googles the name, finding a connection to the book Lolita and a mysterious claim ticket in Ali's copy of the book.

Meanwhile, Kate comes to Rosewood causing Spencer to remember meeting her years before when she had an unfortunate skin condition. Spencer promises not to tell anyone, but by the episode's end A sends out an text from Hanna's phone that includes a naked picture of Kate.

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i love pretty little liars. it saying it will be on today so what time exactly coz i cnt waiit xx


We know to important things about A.... 1. A HAS been a student at Rosewood High... I would've said Melissa, because that would have been so perfect, but... 2. A is born in 1994 Jenna.... being blind is not running though the woods... and she's still in school. Ali's twin sister... if she exists and went to Rosewood High, S, M, E and A would know about her... which leads us to ...Paige. She's definately got the rage thing down and is athletic enough. MK said something about A being a woman, so who else is there?


Remember when Mona said she lost her fake ID, but got a new one from a friend? Didn't Maya say her fake ID was taken last week? Even if it was only by her parents, I'm betting that's the ID Mona got ahold of, the question is how? Furthermore, what are the implications of this?

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Spencer: We're not even standing that close to you.
Caleb: Really? Then how do I know that you had a cheeseburger for lunch?

Ashley: Can we talk about the elephant in the room?
Hanna: Kate is not an elephant; she's a snake and she's going to my school.