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Jane works to find the killer of a woman found in a dump. Upon examining the body the woman is identified as a missing person.

Jane interviews the husband and the affair the victim was having with another man. As she uncovers the clues and fits together the pieces she begins poking holes in the husband’s story.

She confronts the husband and gets a confession that he murdered his wife.

Meanwhile, Jane helps Detective Rivera, a female robbery detective, after her father Desmond’s bar is robbed.

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"when the word gets out" by Brandi Shearer


what is the song title and artist playing at the end of Prime Suspect Bitch episode


I thought it was Mackenzie Astin, but I haven't been able to find any listings that verify that. Anybody else know the answer to this?


In the "Bitch" episode who is the actor who plays the husband ???

Prime Suspect Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

What is he, Kenyan?


Okay Average Auggie, let's see something completely mediocre.