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Private Practice picked up right where last week left off, and the aftermath of what Charlotte endured.

She staggers into a supply room and when Pete finds her, we finally see her face. It's a stunning image.

Pete tends to her injuries, of which there are many. When he steps away, she makes a phone call to Addison.

Charlotte won't admit she's been raped, she's too strong. She doesn't even want Addison to say it.

Sheldon is called down to the police station and asked evaluate Lee, a disturbed man.

The rest of the doctors are at a bar celebrating Cooper’s engagement. That party comes to the worst possible end.

Charlotte is somehow the one to comfort Cooper when he sees her.

Pete continues to treat his battered colleague and Addison makes little progress in getting her to admit the sexual assault took place.

Sheldon is oblivious to all that’s happened to Charlotte as he interviews Lee, the blood-covered criminal suspect.

Sheldon gets Lee to admit that he attacked and raped a woman, but he attacks Sheldon before he can get a name, and the cops take him away.

Sheldon still has no idea that the woman Lee attacked was Charlotte.

Charlotte breaks down and insists she and Cooper go home.

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Charlotte is driving me crazy - her tough act. I hate it! I find it really frustrating!! I don't like her right now.


Bach - Prelude No. 1


Does anyone know the name of the music that played at the beginning and end?


charlotte was a drug user, the scene in which amelia and her are in the MRI room shows them talking about meetings and they share a quote "god, grant me the serenity... and wisdom to know the difference." this is the serenity prayer that has been adopted by alcoholics anonymous (AA) but then amelia admits to drinking a lot but no pills so presumably what they share in common is narcotics anonymous (NA). later on when amelia is about to stitch up charlotte's arm, she explains to cooper that charlotte is "allergic to local anesthetics and she's an NA".


What a powerful, wonderfully paced show, that was heartbreaking to watch and was really gritty and really did put you right into what had happened to Charlotte. I liked the way you had the episode with everyone in on what had happened with Charlotte and completely seperate is Sheldon, the missing link, he is the only one that will be able to link what happened to her and with the rapist in jail.


Charlotte told Amelia she's allergic to anaesthesia but I remember she's mentioned before that her mother is addicted to pain killers so that might be why she's refusing all pain medication. Anyone else noticed that every time all the men are in St Ambrose at the same time, someone/somthing gets punched.


this was an amazing episode and very deserved of an emmy!


Amazing performance,certainly an award winning episode. brilliant performance by KaDee Strickland... can't wait for the next episode, i hoping that Sheldon would talk her into reporting the rape!


I thought it was great. I just didn't like addison thanking her for calling her. I am sick about everything being about her. She might be ruining the show for me.


The best show ever KaDee deserves an emmy. So powerful I had to walk away two times.