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Addison fine tunes her life to let in a new man. Meanwhile, Sam and Jake are left at odds after what happened last week with both of their kisses with Addie.

Violet and Pete decide to give counseling a try. Amelia receives some devastating news about her baby, causing her emotional pain. Mason gives Charlotte and Cooper cause for worry as he hasn't said a word since Erica's death.

Violet assists with a case involving a young girl, who suffers from multiple stab wounds.

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Anencephaly is not a genetic disorder. It is a random anomaly that happens. Drugs do not cause this. Trust me I know because I am a mother of an anencephalic baby and I have never done any sort of drug or even drank for that matter.


Anencephaly is not caused by drug use, Edith.
It is, in fact, "Just bad luck".


I don't think that the writers were implying nothing bad happens when you take drugs while you're pregnant. In a case of ancephaly (babies born with no brain, just a brain stem), it is an illness that IS genetic, it is not a complication caused by drug use. The drugs that she took may have had other consequences but this was not one of them. So, I think they were just being medically accurate, not irresponsible.


I have been watching Private Practice since it first aired and I think it is a well written show with fantastic story lines. However with And Then There Was One episode, I fear the writers were very irresponsible. When Amelia asked Jake if the drugs she took could have anything to do with her child not having a brain...what did our good doctor say, "No just bad luck" ...not a direct quote but words to that effect. Shame on the writers! I'm an older woman in my sixties who was a teenager in the 60's. I wasn't sure about many things, but one thing I knew was I would someday be a mom and thanks to all the articles I read in the papers I knew drugs would be harmful to my child. Today there are warnings on cigarettes and alcohol...there are going to be young girls who are going to continue with smoking and drugs while they are pregnant because Dr.Jake said it's ok...Seriously?

Private Practice Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

His name is Henry... and I'm Henry's mom.


My life has turned into a horror show, and all I can do is stand back and watch it play out.