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As Erica’s medical condition worsens tremendously, Cooper and Charlotte try to prepare an in-denial Mason to accept that his mother won’t make it. Meanwhile, Pete and Violet find that they still have feelings for one another.

Moreover, Sheldon and Jake work with a devastating case in which a woman, jailed for killing her two children, is pregnant with a third. Addison encourages Amelia to embrace life as a soon-to-be mother.

Lastly, Addison finally becomes a mother!

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I was lost with one thing, who was the girl that gave Addison her baby? She knew her but I don't remember that girl.


I agree with all. Television is so limited as it is these days and the few good shows that are not reality or the like or CSI oriented.....are all we have left. I was very dissappointed that Private Practice moved to Tuesday. I recorded the new "Scandal" and watched it and wasn't really interested in the plot of the story line at all. We have enough, "political bullshit". (Creating a TV show from the reality of- "Kennedy- Clinton...and All Presidential Womanizing" that has been happening and will continue to happen....) One woman up against the President and Whitehouse- "Whatever"... Good luck. Grey's Anatomy is good, House was interesting and good and now it's going.... I hate all the reality shows and would like the good old days back where there were so many good one's you couldn't decide what to watch.


The song from the end is Now Is The Start by A Fine Frenzy!
Good tune!


What is the name of the song playing at the end of the episode?!?! Love it, need it, gotta have it!


I would just like to say .....to the person that changed the day PP is on now, what the hell ! Why would you change something that works so well, see now people are going to forget that PP has been changed and they will miss it! And once they have missed a few episodes you will loose them. And that will be a shame cause PP is a great show. Wow really bad mistake.


What is up with this TV station they have taken off good shows during the day and replaced them with stupid talk shows and now our nite time shows are in reruns and now people have turned them off because of the reruns and tuned in different TV shows and got interested in them. And now you move the shows around WHY..... You had a good thing going why mess it up. I don't even remember what is going on on Grays or Private Practice so confusing.


this show is so good! why do you have to skip weeks, move the show to another night, and play reruns so early? The show is good! stop messin with the audience. Please. I look forward to this every week.


What the heck? Why part the two best shows on TV? Sure hope we don't lose any stars


Please people, det it together!! I have almost planned my life around Thursday nights. Then you are off again on whenever, and moving away to a completely crazy Tuesday night, far far away from your sister Greys Anatomy. Something has got to give I don't know about other;s but between the hit and miss weeks, and all together another spot, I'll have to give one up now or both can't stand this mess, and I mean mess?


yea - it has killed me to go one week episode - 3 weeks off etc - I know the show is moving to Tuesday nights while they have that new Shonda show after grey's, and I think that Body of Proof has season finale first

Private Practice Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

This kid that you raised... My God, he's amazing.


Our son needs you.