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-The designers are broken down into teams with the four team captains being chosen through a foot race. Each team must design three looks to go with Heidi's New Balance sneaker collection.

-Cecilia quits. Josh C is brought back and he's thrilled.

-Josh M's team has Anya and Becky. The judges like Josh and Anya's outfits but dislike Becky's top.

-Team Bryce with Kimberly and Danielle. They love Bryce's dress but hate Danielle's chiffon tank top.

-Anthony's teamed with Laura and Bert. Bert fights nonstop with both Laura and Anthony but ends up with the best looking outfit while Anthony's looks sloppy.

-Viktor, Oliver, and Josh C had an edgy look including Viktor's great motorcycle jacket. Oliver's skirt is considered too farm-like.

-Heidi chooses two winners this week. Both Viktor and Josh M will have their looks sold on Amazon.com.

-Heidi wants Anthony gone for his sloppy outfit but the other judges have liked his previous work. They send Danielle home for making yet another poorly designed garment.

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Project Runway Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

I never run unless somebody's chasing me with a gun.


If your heart and soul aren't here, then it's not going to work for you.