Wednesdays 10:00 PM on USA
"Psych The Musical"

Shawn, Gus and the rest of the SBPD find themselves in the midst of musical as they try to solve a case in this 2-hour Psych special.

"No Trout About It"

Shawn, Gus, Juliette, and Lassiter are grilled by the police over their investigation of a difficult case on Psych.

"Nip and Suck It"

Henry's ex turns out to be a suspect in the murder of a patient on Psych.

"Dead Air"

Shawn and Gus end up on the radio when one of their favorite DJs turns up dead on Psych this week. Meanwhile, Gus is also preparing to separate from Rachel for six months when she goes back to Britain to sort out Visa issues.

"Office Space"

Shawn must clear Gus' name after he accidentally tampers with the crime scene where his boss was killed on Psych.

"The Santa Barbarian Candidate"

When Shawn investigates the mayor's surfing accident, he somehow ends up running for office on Psych.

"Juliet Wears the Pantsuit"

Shawn believes that Juliet is spending her time with a killer on Psych.

"Right Turn or Left for Dead"

Shawn learns a lesson on this episode of Psych, wondering how he could have handled a case differently.

"Deez Nups"

A crime boss puts an impending marriage in jeopardy when the gang heads to a casino for a wedding on Psych.

"Cirque Du Soul"

Plans go awry when Gus takes Rachel's son to the circus where things turn deadly on Psych.