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Jamie walks in on Preston's homicide scene, causing them to argue. The suspect, Gavin shot and killed an intruder but it turns out the man, Walt, was having an affair with his wife. 

After Gavin is arrested, his wife admits that Walt had broken in thinking her husband was away and hoping to fulfill a sex with an intruder fantasy she's talked about. 

Jamie and Preston make up and she comes over. While he's in the shower she check out his laptop and finds the video of him having sex with Lee Anne. She leave the video on the screen so he will see it and leaves.

Terry realizes that another officer, Charlene is going to give testimony against him. He then threatens to arrest Vi's college age daughter at a party. Fearful of losing her scholarship, she agrees to plant a camera in her mother and Jamie's office.  Later, Charlene gets a promotion and backs out of testifying.

Terry tells Lee Anne that Arliss attacked him but he'll give him a pass but that there better not be a next time. 

The city offers Lee Anne a $500,000 settlement. As she and Arliss celebrate, someone firebombs their home with them inside.

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I really don't think they could have gotten away with this episode even a year ago, but now I guess it's been long enough since George Zimmerman that people remember but it's not quite such a hot topic. However, so far I don't think the legal proceedings are the strength of the show - it's really all about the characters and their relationships, which is good because there are so many courtroom dramas that never develop characters very well. I also loved the music in this episode. Great Northern's "Home" was the perfect backdrop for when Jamie and Preston are getting dinner, and I especially liked when they used "So Very Long" by Charlie Calleja when Lee Anne and Arliss wake up in bed. That guy has kind of a bizarre sounding singing accent that sounds so great with his soft voice

Reckless Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I am just a local boy defending the city I love in court.


What was your intention Jamie, to come to my crime scene and trove for clients? I thought you were better than that.