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-Conrad and Daniel plan to use Daniel and Emily's wedding to bolster the corporation's image. Emily isn't happy.

-Jack's dog Sammy make his way back to Emily's to die. Jack and Emily comfort one another. They kiss while Ashley is spying through the door. 

-Victoria steals Conrad's hidden proof of their set up of David Clarke but turns it over to Daniel when he threatens to disown her. Then she hears that Daniel plotted with his father to get the evidence back.

-Charlotte's family therapy session goes poorly as Conrad and Victoria argue. When she runs to Declan she finds him with another girl in his room. After which she runs off to score more drugs.

-Nolan helps Emily track the white haired man who murdered her father. When Emily plans to kill him, Nolan gives her the wrong address. Instead he pretends to be a cable repair man and installs spy cameras into his home. 

-Later, the white haired man tracks down Nolan and renders him unconscious in his home.

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Who is the white haired ma....I'm new to the show


Who is the white haired man. I have just started watching the show and I'm easily confused with all the characters. The white haired man in episode 21 doesn't ring any bells to previous episodes


Did they kill Nolan?
They better have the dog die or something akin to that.


i bet the person Emily is killing in the scenes is the man that killed her father(US Marshall)!!!!


looks like the US marshall(that killed David Clarke) behind Nolan.

Revenge Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

I will never forget. I will never forgive.


For most the final stage of grief is acceptance but for me, grief is a life sentence without clemency.