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Jack finds the tape of young Amanda's interview with Treadwell under his bed but he doesn't have a player. He goes to Nolan for help.

-Emily asks Nolan to destroy the tape but he plays it for Jack hoping it would give him closure about Amanda.

-Jack begs Amanda to come back to him but she won't open her hotel room door. Amanda calls Emily and says she won't continue to hurt him like this.

-Jack shows up at a special dinner at the Grayson's where Emily is introduced to Conrad's father. An angry Jack outs Victoria's affair with David Clarke. When Daniel tries to defend his mother saying that David raped her, Conrad scoffs and tells everyone there was no rape. Victoria had an affair with David who is Charlotte's biological father.

-Emily returns home to find that Amanda has stolen the hidden box with her father's journals and left behind an RSVP for Daniel and Emily's engagement party.


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It was Tyler, not Amanda!!!!! Great show but really bad guide. I could write a better one in my sleep! And i am only 13!


Love this show so much but the summary is crap. I could write a better one in my sleep. Hell I could probably almost write one word for word. And it wasnt Amanda who stole the box, it was Tyler. Just saying


Ah, its getting complicated now, Faux Amanda is to volatile Emily better come up with something fast...
You'd think Emily would have had a better hiding place, like maybe a secret room....


Amen! I agree it's such BS. I have been a fan of this show from day 1...they do this with all shows that gain popularity!


This is bs,another RERUN!! Im soooo sick of this crap. Wtf is up with this netwrk? Its like we only watch 2 new shows a month. I dont understand why they keep on doing this. They have had enough time to make new shows. So this is really crazy as hell. Im getting turned off with this.

Revenge Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

It's just an engagement. Anything can happen.


As of late I find my perception is blinded by only one thing. Revenge.