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Monroe is captured and sentenced to lethal injection. We learn of Monroe's actions three years after the blackout, and what causes him to snap. In the present, Monroe feels remorse for what he's done and he tells Rachel he's sorry. After injecting him the Texas Rangers bury his body. The episode ends with Rachel digging up his gravesite.

Tom and Secretary Allenford run into Jason on their way to the brainwashing camp. Tom is able to kill the two men with Jason and captures Jason to slowly bring him out of the brainwashing.

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Yeah I agree. I don't think Miles will let Monroe die


I think Miles will try to save Monroe from being killed, because I believe Miles still cares for Monroe.

Revolution Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I have lost damn near everything in this world, but you are my son you are all that’s left. So whatever it takes you are gonna come back from this.


If they had caught you, they would have put a bullet in your head. I am not losing another child to that man.