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Because she helps to accidentally screw up a drug bust, Andy goes undercover on this season finale with Swarek. Both their lives end up in danger.

Back at the station, Dov discovers more about his girlfriend than he wanted to know, which forces him to make a major decision.

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You're a reviewer after my own heart--totally on the same page with me about how the love triangle isn't working as the obstacle the writers seem to need for Sam and Andy. And if they keep making Sam act like such a masochist constantly pumping Luke up to Andy instead of stepping up and making a move, I may not have any hair left! I will disagree that there's no tension. Valid points that I never really feared those bad things might happen--they do need to fix that or go lighter. BUT, I think they rock at bringing the drama, especially when conflicted mothers are involved. They've brought in AWESOME guests to play those parts, and each knocked it out of the park. I would call that a special strength of the show. I agree that they need to think creatively about different ways to bring out side character personalities that don't necessarily involve romances or hook-ups, since time constraints and the magnetism of the main couple mean that those can't fully blossum.


Can't wait for next season. Andy and Sam - YES! Andy and Luke - NO! Traci and Jerry - YES! Gail and Chris _ Eww! And let's hope they explore the comedic talents of their actors more.


Love this show. Sure, it has a ways to go. But such a good start! And definitely no Andy and Luke - she and Sam are hot together. Can't wait for next season!!


I will definitely be back for more next year. They need to smooth some of the rough edges other than that I enjoyed this series. Love Andi and Sam!


Overall, I like this show. But I agree about the relationships...under developed for sure. It would be better if the writers focused on the action/drama instead. Plus, I'd rather see Andy single and focued on her job than half assing it with Luke,they are so boring. Can't wait to see where they take this. I will be back for more.


Thank you - you pretty much summed up how I felt about those two episodes perfectly. I love this show, but it's definitely summer, fluffy fun. And the Luke thing? Yeah. Exactly on target. I'll be back next summer though, and hopefully the writers will get their heads on straight about some of the relationships!