Rookie Blue

Thursdays 10:00 PM on ABC
Rookie blue
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-A laundromat fire traps Andy and the owner's wife in the burned out building where they find the owner's charred corpse.

-A teenage girl confesses to the fire in order to get her father's attention.

-Turns out the owner paid his friend ten grand to set the fire for the insurance money. Instead the owner committed suicide as well so his wife could also collect the life insurance.

-Traci's ex finds text messages from Jerry on her phone. He comes to the station and punches Jerry.

-Andy can't figure out how to cheer up Luke in the hospital. Jo visits and Luke laughs for the first time in weeks, upsetting Andy.

-Gail finds out that Chris' mother was unstable and confides in Dov that she wonders how that effects their relationship.

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So Andy throws the plant(she was taking to Luke)in a cleaners cart after she saw Luke & Jo laughing in his hospital room. I'm hoping she starts walking & walking...maybe ending up at Sam's place...? Only Sam isn't there at the moment. He comes home to find Andy on his doorstep...could lead to something very, very interesting.
As you all can see, I'm really hoping Sam & Andy get together...but, a secret get-together, at least for a very long while.