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-A bus filled with senior citizens is robbed on the way to a casino. Turns out it was an inside job by one passenger and his nephew.  Tracking down the nephew makes Andy and Nick late for Noelle and Frank's wedding.


-Nick confesses his feelings to Andy who needs time to process this new information. Nick tells her that's fine. He's not going anywhere.


-When Traci's car breaks down, Steve Peck takes a personal day to help her run wedding errands.


-Noelle finds out she may have breast cancer, a disease that killed her mother and sister. She decides to leave Frank before the wedding, feeling that she doesn't want to trap him into taking care of a sick wife. 


-Traci and Steve get Noelle to talk to Frank who refuses to let her go. The two are married. Their baby girl's name is Olivia.


-Chloe and Dov tell Uncle Frank that they are dating.


-Marlo goes on a long planned vacation and Sam goes to the wedding solo but ends up being the best man when Frank's brother can't make it.


-Gail brings Holly as her plus one. The two have such a good time that Holly kisses a surprised Gail.


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Although I know that will not happen, I keep my hopes up, imagining that in a wedding, where everything is magical, there McSwarek scenes.


I will quit watching the show if they do not put Sam and Andy back together. I am getting a little tired of them dragging this out


I want Sam and Andy back. But for now I like Nick to be with Andy and I wasnt to see Sam really jelous!!! I love This show I want to see it go longer than it does!!! WAY LONGER!!! I love Nick but I think him and Andy should be good Friends not continued Partners!! I wouldn't care if Cruse went off the show! I not a huge Fan!! But for the rest I love them all! Chris and (Blondy) need to be back togather!! Make her kinder and more loving!!


will andy and sam get back together or they putting her with nick.

Rookie Blue Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

We go to a wedding. We get to dress nice, drink a barrel of Champagne and flirt with complete strangers.


Don't feel threatened. I brought my own calligraphy pen.