Rookie Blue

Thursdays 10:00 PM on ABC
Rookie blue
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Review Round Table Quotes


-Oliver takes a statement from Celery, a witch who sold a love spell to Trina who later robbed her. Oliver is smitten with the unique woman who seems to flirt with him.


-Dov begs Chloe for a second they track down Trina and find that she drank the love spell instead of bathing in it, causing her to be hospitalized where her true love Phillip finds her and the two reunite.  Chloe decides to give Dov his second chance.


-A cold case of Sam's is reopened when the body of Robbie Robertson is found. Sam reconnects with his training officer, Charlie only to deduce that Charlie hit the boy during a DUI and covered it up.  Sam is willing to let Charlie go but he decides to turn himself in.


-Nick tells Andy that he and Gail broke up but won't tell her why. 


-Gail works in the morgue with Holly.

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