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-A sniper targets the members of 15 Division and Officer Chloe Price is shot. Andy drags her to safety and she undergoes surgery.


-At the hospital, Dov meets Chloe's estranged husband Wes, of whom he knew nothing about. Wes says he wants a second chance with Chloe.


-Andy kisses Nick in front of Sam. Sam continues to cover for Marlo. Nick enters Marlo's house when they realize the sniper is Kevin Ford. Her place has been broken into but she's at her sister's. Nick finds all of the pictures Marlo took of Ford. 


-As Oliver goes to back up Nick, Ford surprises him and takes him hostage. 


-Holly is worried about Gail being on the street. Gail kisses her and they're both surprised.


-Steve tells Traci he's serious about her and wants to meet Leo. She agrees they should all have dinner together after the case is closed. 

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o and Sam...yikes he is damn gorgeous


Sam and Andy ... no doubt about it... the fire and passion will always be there.. Nick is too boring for her. and yes the wedding wouldve been the perfect place for Sam and Andy to get back together... Writers come on... get them back together.


ANDY AND NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TEAZM Andy and Nick!!!!


Team Andy and Nick!


I think the writers are all over the place. Sam wanted Andy so badly when she was with Luke. They had their fling, got caught, suspended. When she returned (which I thought he acted like a spoiled brat because she left ... she couldn't have stayed there w/o seeing him. They could have both lost their jobs and while he acted like he didn't care, he would have eventually blamed her and they would have split), he treated her badly ... running out on her in the mornings, not showing any affection, breaking up with her in the rain and then ignoring her. Then when she might die, almost as if he felt obligated, he says he loves her, covers it with a joke and expects her to run back into his arms. I could hardly stand Sam last year and that's not right because he was such a great guy the first 2 years. This year, to me, the writers have just missed making every episode good. The wedding would have been such a perfect opportunity for Andy & Nick to dance together and begin to see the attraction there. Sam telling Ollie how much he missed Andy was so sweet. Then he turns around and asks her to jeopardize her job to protect Marlo so maybe he does love Marlo. I like Nick & Andy together and I don't want Nick to get hurt but I just don't see the chemistry that Andy & Sam have. I loved that Andy stood up to Sam after saving Marlo but I hated that Samwould even go there with her.


if you like boring then you like Nick. Sam will do anything for the ones he cares about including drawing outsdie the lines and andy does as well> she is trying to change herslef for nick but it will never work> she needs the passion and fire her and sam have \, she needs someone that will tel her staright out and love her intensly, tahts saM


r u people for real, sam and andy all the way. They belong together. sure they hsve both hurt each other but they r growing up and learning alomg the way but all roads wil lead back to them!


Love Andy & Sam..love the challenge they have ea. week. Learning about people takes years, even when you're 'open". Their chemistry is just great. Sam is my favorite character. It's his charm & expressions. Then I love the rest of the cast. Reminds me of "Friends"... great people, wholesome story. I would like to see more of their personal lives, but I'm a real Fan & will miss Rookie Blue this fall. It's just the right "kind of everything"..relationships, role model characters, fun & light!! Hope Rookie Blue comes back real soon. I like the struggle Andy & Sam have & I tune in ea. week waiting to see the next step. Would be too easy if they got together too soon..Keep the climax coming...I'm in no hurry. Last night I thought maybe Same is not coming back. I think he & Andy will get caught & they maybe suspended again or hopefully it doesn't mean he's leaving the show. He & Andy are the Main DRAW! Thanks for writing such a good show. (I read somewhere that we will be surprised in the last episode..I've been trying to think of all the surprises there could be. So I hope Sam isn't leaving. I don't think he is..but you never know!)


I've listened to a lot of writer's talk at a lot of panels. They all say the same thing. Any good writing team won't let the fans dictate how they write their show. They go into their writer's room with open minds for any outcome for any character, and they'll write the one they feel is the most honest to the characters past, present, future, and their development over the course of the series thus far. It's in their hands, and we just have to go with it. Andy could wind up alone, or with Swarek or Collins or Callahan. Sam could find out he's better off with Marlo. Who knows? We just watch the show, we can't choose how it's written. Honestly, I miss seeing Luke mulling around at the station on a regular basis. I hope they bring him back as a regular, but it's up to the writers.

Rookie Blue Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

People don't press me for details. I'm lucky that way.


The king of the dorks has found his queen. The nerd empire can rejoice.