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Sam came to Andy's rescue again this week, after the woman he insists is just a friend made a big mistake and allowed a prisoner to escape. What did you think of "Big Nickel?"
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Andy and Diaz were faced with a difficult decision on this installment of Rookie Blue. Do you turn in a dirty cop, or remain loyal to the brotherhood?
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Rookie Blue airs a new episode on Thursday, August 12. It will feature a showdown between Luke and Sam, as well as a major career decision for Andy.
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Andy is officially a police officer now. She killed her first suspect on this week's episode, an action that (briefly) led her into the bed of the man many viewers wish to see her with.
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McNally and Luke took their relationship up a few notches this week. Are you a fan of these two together? Sound off now as you read our weekly Rookie Blue review.
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You're lucky you're cute.


His wife hit her limit and dug her way out of here