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Hank did double duty treating a little boy and his babysitter and treating Paige's severely depressed mom. Evan finally discovered the truth about what's been bothering Paige. Divya navigated her complicated relationship with Van Dyke. Everyone had some explaining to do. How did things turn out? Read this week's review now!
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Hank pulled double duty treating two patients, and Evan attempted to enter Paige's work into a local show. How did things work out for our boys? Read this week's review now!
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Evan stalks Matt Lauer, Hank treats a magician, and Divya learns about hospital protocol. It was a busy week on Royal Pains. Find out just how busy it was by reading this week's review.
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As Eddie R.'s parole hearing approached, Hank and Evan struggled to keep him in good standing while also treating Shaw. Did Eddie regain his freedom? Read this week's review now.
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I am not ten! You cannot send me out to play!


You guys must be really good friends.

Homer[to Evan and Divya]