Rubicon Season 1

Season Finale Shot
"You Can Never Win"

With connects Kateb to Spangler on this season finale, while he and Kale must find a way to use this information against their boss. Elsewhere, someone is issued a new four-leafed clover.

Katherine R.
"Wayward Sons"

Everyone at API is on high alert this week. They must rally to prevent a terror attack on U.S. soil.

"A Good Day's Work"

Will is off on a special assignment this week. He also approaches Katherine. Read on for a detailed recap.

Will Travers Pic
"In Whom We Trust"

Two key storylines come together on this episode, as Will secretly reaches out to Katherine.

Rubicon Photo
"No Honesty in Men"

Will moves out of his apartment this week. He has little choice, considering the circumstances and the bugs around every corner.

Miles and Tanya
"Caught in the Suck"

Miles and Tanya go out on a CIA mission this week. The unique episode title for this installment is "Caught in the Suck."

Rubicon Scene
"The Truth Will Out"

There's a security breach and, therefore, a lockdown at API this week. Elsewhere, Katherine doesn't think she's safe in her own house.

"Look to the Ant"

Kale makes Will a surprising offer on this episode of Rubicon, as viewers are left to wonder what the former is up to and what side he is on.

"Connect The Dots"

Will canvasses the American Policy Institute for shady behavior and employees this week. Simultaneously, Katherine takes the shady matters surrounding her husband's death into her own hands.

Will at Work
"The Outsider"

Will is off to D.C. this week, leaving his team to make an important decision without its leader. Meanwhile, Katherine receives a message from Tom as she tries to move on with her life.

Will at Home
"Keep the Ends Out"

Tom suicide confounds both James Wheeler and Katherine Rhumor this week, as they talk about the incident. Meanwhile, Maggie's ex-husband returns, and David's son visits Will at work.

Will Travers Photo
"The First Day of School"

On this episode, we watch Will's first day as the boss. He has trouble maintaining authority, as he tries to piece together clues left to him by David.

Will Travers Picture

We meet Will Travers on the pilot episode of Rubicon. He discovers a pattern in crossword puzzles that leads him into a conspiracy-filled world.

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