Cassie vs. Shirtless Jake
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Cassie receives disturbing news from her grandmother this week.

Cassie and Adam unleash a curse while making love.

Faye asks Diana and Melissa for help with Eva.

Jake, Adam and Cassie search the woods for an ingredient needed to complete a spell to break the curse.

Dawn and Charles visit Jane.

Jake keeps hallucinating Calvin.

Faye tells Eva Lee used  her power to bring Eva back.

Eva shows Faye what she did to Lee.

The elixir works but leaves Cassie feeling a love for Adam that is no longer returned.

John still has magic and made up the curse to keep Adam and Cassie apart.


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It begs the question why did Amelia not tell Ethan about the curse?? If nothing else it would saved Ethan years of miser with all the what ifs'... I wonder if someone from the Blackwell/Balcoin family line had anything to do with the curse? Does this spell the end of Adam and Cassie relationship?