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- Fiona gets bullied at work for not taking a "Bobby Break."

- Frank has to find Aunt Ginger's buried body in the yard.

- Carl thinks he's a cancer survivor.

- Lip temporarily freaks out about feeling tied down by Mandy.

- Kev and V find a surrogate.

- Molly finds out she's really a boy.

- Debbie deals with bullies at the pool.

- Jimmy hooks up with Estefania.

- Child Protective Services shows up. 

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Frank literally had to wade in the shit for this episode, and I thought it was a pretty clever metaphor for his whole life basically as he tried to dig up a lie he buried as part of a scam to get money...only to bust up the sewage line and screw things up even more. (side note - I love love loved that they used the song “Your Feelings on Life� by The Teeth while he was down there digging, what a great dirty garage rock tune). Anyway, another episode that managed to perfectly balance dark, twisted stuff with comedic elements. My only complaint is that this show gets a little too scattered with so many subplots and such...I think that only works for pure dramas like The Wire, and Shameless would be better served with a narrower focus, but still that's a minor complaint I have for one of the best two shows still on TV (Breaking Bad being the other, which is soon to be RIP).

Shameless Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Carl: Dad, what's this?
Frank: That's a pacifier for your anus.

The whole my dad is gay for your brother thing has thrown me for a loop.