Frank in Trouble
Watch Shameless Season 4 Episode 9
"The Legend of Bonnie and Carl"
Original Air Date:

Fiona struggles to find a job now that she has a criminal record while Debbie does what she can to make life difficult for the new girl in Matty's life on Shameless.

Ian and Mickey
Watch Shameless Season 4 Episode 8
"Hope Springs Paternal"
Original Air Date:

Carl and Debbie are unhappy with Fiona when she cleans house in preparation for a visit from her probation officer on Shameless.

Frank is Incapacitated
Watch Shameless Season 4 Episode 7
"A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, and Parasitic Twin"
Original Air Date:

Fiona is released but is ordered by the court to stay inside the house, leaving Lip as the Gallagher's guardian on Shameless.

Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher
Watch Shameless Season 4 Episode 6
"Iron City"
Original Air Date:

Frank gets some sobering news on this episode of Shameless. Fiona? She's in jail.

Searching for a Cure
Watch Shameless Season 4 Episode 5
"There's the Rub"
Original Air Date:

All of the poor decisions Fiona has made with Robbie finally come to a head on Shameless.

The Affair
Watch Shameless Season 4 Episode 4
"Strangers on a Train"
Original Air Date:

When Mike shows up at Robbie's apartment, Fiona's affair is almost outed on Shameless.

Getting To Know Her
Watch Shameless Season 4 Episode 3
"Like Father, Like Daughter"
Original Air Date:

When Frank stalks his daughter Sammi, he is surprised at the connection she forms with him.

Why Lie?
Watch Shameless Season 4 Episode 2
"My Oldest Daughter"
Original Air Date:

Fiona lies about a what happened when she's involved in a case of road rage on Shameless.

Shameless Season 4 Premiere Pic
Watch Shameless Season 4 Episode 1
"Simple Pleasures"
Original Air Date:

Fiona dates her boss while trying to keep the younger kids under control in the Shameless season 4 premiere.

Lip's Graduation Party
Watch Shameless Season 3 Episode 12
"Survival of the Fittest"
Original Air Date:

In the Shamelss season 3 finale, it's Lips high school graduation and Fiona throws a surprise party while and Frank uses his gambling winnings to take Lip out on a special day.

Shameless Quotes

The best gift you can give is neglect. Neglect fosters self-reliance.

Frank [to Lip]

Wanna see me make a Mangina?