Frank Gallagher and Sheila
Watch Shameless Season 3 Episode 7
"A Long Way From Home"
Original Air Date:

Fiona makes a bold decision on this episode of Shameless. It has to do with her future with the children.

Carl and Liam
Watch Shameless Season 3 Episode 6
"Cascading Failures"
Original Air Date:

The Department of Family Services takes away the Gallagher children on this key episode of Shameless.

Frank, Jimmy and Fiona
Watch Shameless Season 3 Episode 5
"The Sins of My Caretaker"
Original Air Date:

Frank faces a major problem at the hands of the city on Shameless this week, while Jimmy struggles to deal with his dad's secret.

Fiona Comforts Jimmy
Watch Shameless Season 3 Episode 4
"The Helpful Gallaghers"
Original Air Date:

On Shameless, Jimmy gets upsetting news about his parents, cancer camp doesn't live up to Carl's expectations, and Sheila wants to introduce Jody to "toy time."

Working a Scam
Watch Shameless Season 3 Episode 3
"May I Trim Your Hedges?"
Original Air Date:

Lip hunts down sex offenders in the neighborhood on this episode of Shameless, while Frank works a new scam.

Frank as a Mess
Watch Shameless Season 3 Episode 2
"The American Dream"
Original Air Date:

Fiona has second thoughts about loaning money to Meg this week on Shameless, while Kev's wife returns to his life.

Shameless Season 3 Premiere Pic
Watch Shameless Season 3 Episode 1
"El Gran Canon"
Original Air Date:

Fiona gets used to living with Jimmy on the Shameless Season 3 premiere, while Lip is sentenced to community service.

Shameless Season 2 Finale Scene
Watch Shameless Season 2 Episode 12
"Fiona Interrupted"
Original Air Date:

Fiona wants to meet Steve's family on the Shameless season finale. Elsewhere, Frank tries to free Monica from her psychiatric institution.

Sheila and Jody
Watch Shameless Season 2 Episode 11
"Just Like Pilgrims Intended"
Original Air Date:

Fiona's Thanksgiving does NOT go nearly as planned this week on Shameless. Read on to find out why.

Monica and Frank
Watch Shameless Season 2 Episode 10
"A Great Cause"
Original Air Date:

Monica finds the family squirrel fund and proceeds to spend it with Frank. Fiona tries to land a new job while Steve searches for his wife's boyfriend.

Shameless Quotes

Sean: You took your monitor off yourself.
Fiona: So?
Sean: So, you should have waited for the P.O. and you know it.
Fiona: That's a technicality. You're gonna judge me for that?
Sean: No, I'm not gonna judge you for that. I find it charming as fuck that you took a screwdriver to your monitor. And I find it sexy as hell that you had a bloody lip before lunch today.
Fiona: Are you making fun of me?
Sean: No. It's just you're a chaos junkie, Fiona. And I'm a junkie, junkie. So I love chaos. And when I get into chaos, bad shit follows.

Lip: You are gorgeous, okay? You are sweet. You are funny. You're very smart. You know that, right?
Mandy: Shut up.
Lip: Hey, hey, I mean it, okay? You're a good person Mandy.