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Sleepy Hollow Season 2

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 continues the crazy, awesome story of Ichabod Crane and his fellow Witness, Lieutenant Abbie Mills in Sleepy Hollow, New York!

Ichabod Escapes Death - Sleepy Hollow

Abbie and Ichabod's mission resumes as Sleepy Hollow returns for season 2 on Monday, September 22nd.

We fully expect Sleepy Hollow Season 2 to be ten times crazier and ten times scarier than the season that came before. While Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) was locked away in his son's former grave, Abbie (Nichole Beharie) spent time in purgatory in exchange for Katrina. When you need a witch, you need to make sacrifices. 

We'll get to know Katrina a bit and discover her fashion sense doesn't stick so strictly to that of her time. Expect her to embrace her newfound freedom with all of the style and panache we'd expect from a gorgeous witch.

Abbie and Ichabod will be hell bent on not allowing two more of the horsemen of the apocalypse to join their cohorts, War and Death. Will the succeed? We have faith in strength of the bond that has been formed between the witnesses.

There will be a new Sheriff (Sakina Jaffrey) in town, a new love interest in ruggedly handsome bounty hunter Nick Hawley(guest star Matt Barr) for Abbie as well as demons, newly redesigned and new additions. Expect the Moloch to turn up with a completely new look, a freaky take on the Pied Piper and an entity called the Kindred. Say what? 

Henry Parrish (John Noble) will be causing problems and Jenny Mills (Lyndie Green) will be helping our heroes as they try to keep evil at bay. Poor Frank Irving has been committed to the Tarrytown facility from which Jenny was recently freed for the murder of the preacher. We all know he didn't kill anybody, but how long until he's no longer in trouble? What effect did it all have on his daughter? 

Find out when you enjoy the Sleepy Hollow Season 2, extended by several episodes from the first offering!

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