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Clay meets with Jax on this episode of Sons of Anarchy. Elsewhere, Patterson and Toric plot against SAMCRO.

"One One Six"

The fallout from the school shooting is felt on this episode of Sons of Anarchy.

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 kicks off with Tara and Clay both in jail and the club in turmoil. A major, controversial event also rocks Charming.

"J'ai Obtenu Cette"

It's come down to the Season 5 finale on Sons of Anarchy. Will Jax really turn Tig over to Pope?

Jax pictured a new direction for the club this week. But can he get it there?

"To Thine Own Self"

Nero deals with his former crew on Sons of Anarchy this week, while Jax scrambles to get his affairs in order.


Jax tries to avoid backlash on this episode of Sons of Anarchy. He ends up going ahead with his own agenda.

"Andare Pescare"

Jax must overcome obstacles in his search for the truth on this week's installment of Sons of Anarchy.


Alliances gets pushed to the breaking point on this episode of Sons of Anarchy, as Jax searches for evidence to condemn Clay.

"Toad's Wild Ride"

Complications arise this week on Sons of Anarchy. So Jax steps in and takes control.