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Among the many developments this week:

- The attempt on Tara's life goes wrong, as she gets abducted, but Jax rushes in and the botched assassination results in merely a broken hand. But is enough to likely end Tara's surgical career and she does not take that well.

- Gemma confronts Clay and accuses him of plotting to have Tara killed. These two have it out, with Clay striking Gemma over and over and over. The episode ends with her telling Unser that Clay can't be saved. He must be killed. By Jax.

- Jax admits to Opie that he plans to leave the club.

- Eli apologizes to Juice and tells him he's willing to help if possible.

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Gemma said Clay won't be taken by law but killed by one of the sons.
Leaves it open to whom: Bobby, Tig, Opi, Jacks?
Love this Show, saddens me things are moving on but like every good story one generation dies off and a new one takes over. With this at least we know it appears Tarra and Jacks stand a chance to be the new Gemma and Clay, where Gemma becomes grandma serving cross road advisor to the kids, weather the club returns to the old ways such as previous seasons has spoken of or if it takes on a whole new life remains to be seen.


Can't imagine what is going to happen if Tara and/or the children are killed. I can just see Jax shoot Clay between the eyes. I don't want to lose Juice either, he is a great character! Absolutely love this show!