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Dean and Sam find a boy named Adam, whose life changes when he becomes a monster.  Adam may be the third Winchester brother.

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hey I think that i'm commeting on after school special when Sam and dean visited their old high school. It was funny when sammy was fighting derk, and gave him the nickname of derk the jerk,And when they showed Dean kissing that other girl and his "girlfriend" had caught him and told him that it was over and sam was getting congradulated for beating up derk.adious

Supernatural Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Dean: Adam doesn't have to be cursed.
Sam: He's a Winchester. He's already cursed.

Dean: I'm starving, lets get breakfast.
Sam: Where? We're like two hours from anything.
Dean: But I'm hungry now.
Sam: There is probably still a sandwich in the backseat.
Dean: It's tuna.