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This ep was way too "Bobby-Ewing-in-the-shower" for my taste. Even for a story that regularly deals in the fantastic, so much seems to be simply accepted, and completely unexplained. How are Grampa & Sam both back? "Dunno. Guess it's connected somehow." That's too blasé even for these guys! Hope the writing picks up speed soon!


I love the show but found this episode boring. Someone should call Child Welfare on Lisa for endangering her child's life for someone she tells "the sex is great" but neither ever uses the word "love" in a conversation. Bring back Castiel, please!


I live for this show each week and am glad it is on Friday night.


I love these guys and have never missed an episode. These show has the BEST writers.


i love the show supernatural since the beginning i love jensen ackles and jared padalecki

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

How do you keep your lawn so green? C'mon Dean, you've never been what I call, Brady.

Yellow-Eyed Demon

It's like chicks specifically dig unavailable guys.