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Calling all Twilight fans, real vampires want you! Sam and Dean investigate a nest of vampires recruiting for a vampire army.

Unfortunately Dean is transformed into one while a smirking Sam watches.

Samuel Campbell is called to help and he and the boys infiltrate the nest.

They learn that an Alpha Vampire is calling the shots.

Dean is transformed back to his human self and he knows that Sam is certainly not his old self. Plus Samuel Campbell questions Sam’s character as well.

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Good script by a new writer. I liked the episode. Finally, Dangerous Dean is back! I want Dangerous Dean to hunt Uber-jerk Sam. Didn't mind and didn't want a 'talk' between the brothers. I was glad the episode ended like it did....Dean's on a hunt to find out what/who Sam is.


I was the same way...Wait...what...is that it? Something is terribly wrong with Sam...I can't wait for next week.....

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Dean: Try uh, Lautner.
Sam: He's a werewolf. How do you even know who that is?
Dean: What are you kidding me? That kid is everywhere. It's a friggen nightmare.

Look at this. Watching her sleep, how is that not rape-y?