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Invasion of the Baby Snatchers! Sam calls Dean for help when babies begin to mysteriously disappear. However, the brothers are forced to enlist Samuel Campbell for further assistance when Shape-shifters get involved.

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I liked the script and the episode was good. It's just not the SPN of old yet, though. I'm finding this a slow roll-out to the season. Yeah, Dean's back, but his domestication has weakened the character and I'm having a hard time believing he is a dangerous hunter -- more like a weekend warrior, I guess. Jensen, however, is really rocking the change in character. Sam is as creepy as his weird relatives, and definitely siding with them. I hope the show gives us a good reason for how different Sam's character is, cause I didn't buy that excuse he gave Dean for keeping the big secret. The best reason to keep watching the show isn't Sam's great mystery (again); it's to see Dean smash Christian in the mouth...that's what I want. I hope I don't have to see Lisa/Dean marriage drama anymore but, wishes aren't horses. Still the best show on TV. I hope eventually the boys are back together, and not just physically. I'm waiting for the irrationally, psychotically, erotically co-dependent boys we used to know.


i loved the 2nd episode the 1st one just left me confused.now i see our spn coming forth.sam and dean together again in the IMPALA SOON.i like the change in sam ,he so mysterious cant wait to find out his secret, and grandpa creeps me out hes up to no good.and i cant wait for dean to bring down that cocky cousin of his. actuall i cant wait to get rid of all of them.cass returns yea. im just so excited damn friday seems so far away.im having an operation friday ambut will be leaving in am also,told my sister to throw ice water on me if im not awake to watchspn, or whatever it takes. lol enjoy everyone


Love Supernatural!

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Dean, no offense, but if you don't walk out that door, I'm gonna shoot you.


Welcome to the party, Guttenberg.