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On this week's episode of Supernatural…

Sam and Dean track down some mysterious deaths where an ancient symbol has been carved into the chest and the hands and feet are cut off.

After enlisting the help of a local professor who specializes in symbology, the brothers learn that the symbol is Greek and concerns the Amazons.

Meanwhile, Dean hooks up with Lydia at the bar, who turns out to be an Amazon. Lydia becomes pregnant with his child and it rapidly grows.

The two discover that the daughter is supposed to kill the father as a part of her ritual. Sam shoots her and kills her.

Sam and Dean attempt to finish off the rest of the Amazon women, but the group vanishes. They try and discuss Bobby's death and moving on.

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I think dean was wrong to kill Amy what will happen to her son.its actually kind up a conmapents what happened to Emma Sam had no chose he was going to kill dean. I hope dean knows that one wrong tO be cleaned with another wrong does not make the cleaning right basically that is what he gets for killing a kinda inovent woman a lie about is atho I say you talk about it it want be a lie tho I sand by my saying Sam was r


I watched the saseon opener last night and I was TBH suitably impressed! I think I may start watching now as its a good few saseons in actually I might not and leave it a few years and then watch it. Like when I decided I'd like to marathon watch the X-Files!