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On this episode of Supernatural…

Sam and Dean discover that Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire and was cursed by Zeus to die everyday, has a son with a similar curse.

The brothers summon Zeus to stop the boy's curse.

The boy's mother frees Zeus so he might help her, but instead he causes more pain to Prometheus and prepares to do the same to the boy.

Sam appeals to Artemis, Zeus' daughter, about her love for Prometheus and to help stop Zeus.

Artemis shoots at Zeus with an arrow, but Prometheus is used as a shield. Prometheus stabs the knife further in connecting with Zeus' lighting. The curse is finished and Prometheus dies for a final time.

Sam admits that with the God trails he might not come out unscathed.

Dean prays to Castiel to watch out for his brother, while wondering where the angel has gone.

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Whoever "itatuelve" is, he sure is leaving stupid comments. This episode was a little off... but at least Supernatural will go out on a limb and try different subjects. I like that. They may not hit the mark every time, but at least they are trying. Other shows don't.


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