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On this episode of Supernatural…
Castiel tries to live life as a human. He encounters good people with faith, compassion and charity.
The angel Bartholomew is using televangelists to trick willing people into letting angels inside them. He recruits rogue reapers to hunt down Castiel.
Sam and Dean are also looking for Castiel. After capturing a reaper, Ezekiel uses his powers to search for reapers in order to lead them to Castiel.
A waitress named April pretends to help Castiel by taking him home. After having sex with him, she reveals she is a actually possessed by a reaper. She kills him.
Dean kills April and calls on Ezekiel to save Castiel. Castiel is brought back to life.
Sam and Dean bring Castiel back to the Men of Letters lair. Ezekiel tells Dean that Castiel will cause all the angels to come down upon them and forces Dean to pick Castiel to stay or have Ezekiel save Sam.
Dean tells Castiel to leave. 
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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 3 Quotes

Sam: Look at these chemicals. Do you even read the label?
Dean: No. I read "pie." The rest is just "blah, blah, blah."

Do you ever get tired of urinating? I'll never get used to it.