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The parents try to tell Toby and Nikki they shouldn't get married.

Bay learns Ty will ship out in two days.

Coto thinks John put up Daphne and Nikki to break into his office.

Daphne is forced into a position to admit to her mistakes. 

Regina moves back to the Kennish house.

Angelo is having a hard time with his baby.

Bay wants to graduate early and go to art school in Berlin.

Daphne tries to talk to Coto.

Ty finds out his deployment is more involved than he thought.

Toby overhears John mentioning he and Nikki getting divorced in two years at the rehearsal dinner.

Ty has to break the news to Bay that he won't be in Berlin as he expected, but tries to break things off with her instead.

Ty decides to let Bay think he cheated on her rather than tell her the truth about his future.

Toby cancels the wedding.

Angelo decides to give his daughter back and have an open adoption.

Daphne decides to post an expose about blackmailing a senator on Jace's blog.

Jace admits he was mesmerized by Daphne from the moment he first saw her.

Toby and Nikki get married at a Justice of the Peace.

Daphne goes to court.

Maui, Kansas closes for the summer.



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Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

There's nothing about the Wash. U. waitlist....on the upside, Toby doesn't have Chlamydia.


You have done enough. I'm taking over from here. I never saw this coming. Not from you.