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On Switched at Birth, Kathryn and John look to his past for juicy content for her book, Bay discovers the truth about Ty and it puts her at odds with Tank and Daphne is torn between three men in her life.
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On Switched at Birth Bay, struggles to create art without full control of her hand and John tried to find a way to win back Kathryn's love. The results may surprise you!
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On Switched at Birth, Bay and Toby try get their parents to realize how much they would be throwing away over just one kiss. Elsewhere, Daphne enlists the clinic to help Sharee with her mother.
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Switched at Birth Quotes

Daphne: I didn't know you liked horror movies.
Kathryn: I haven't seen one since I was your age. Amityville Horror and it wasn't nearly as scary as the boy I saw it with.

Bay [about Angello]: He's not on parole.
John: He is with me.