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Scott and Stiles chase after Jackson the kanima.  Derek tracks him down in a club and slashes him up good.  Scott and Stiles contain him, trap him in the back of a van, and drive him out to the woods.


Scott and Allison get intimate during the night, which gives Jackson enough time to escape the van, and make it back to this father.  Stiles and Scott head back to tell Mr. Stilinski the truth, but Jackson is there with his dad and Mr. Stilinski, presumably after telling them he was kidnapped.


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I really think that MTV made a mistake with scheduling, it appears that next week they are off, so wouldn't it have made sense to have the Revelations episode air after tonight's episode? I mean, I know, we found out that Jackson is the katima but it seems from previews for tonight's episode that this might be the episode where Alison chooses does something in line with her mother and grandfather's wishes, and not exactly the Argent code, which causes Scott to be upset and then it is clear that Derek is on the side of the Argents with his feelings toward Jackson and Chris Argent starts to work with Scott and Stiles to capture Jackson because he can't bring himself to actually kill him once he knows because of the fact that Jackson appears to have no control over his actions when he transforms and that just killing him might conflict with Chris' code. That might be the break episode that is needed for a little decompress.


w00t ... wouldn't wanna be enemy of this "thing" :D :))

Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Guy: Does that mean maybe I could?
Lydia: If you want me to punch you in the throat.

Stiles: You couldn't catch his scent?
Scott: I don't think he has one.