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Scott and Allison are sneaking around so that her dad won’t find out they’re still seeing each other.  Chris is okay with keeping Scott alive as long as he doesn’t go near his daughter.  Grandpa Argent, on the other hand, wants to kill every single wolf in town.


Jackson has received the bite, but doesn’t want to be a part of Derek’s pack.  Also, his body seems to be rejecting the process as black blood continues to pour out of every orifice.  Meanwhile, Lydia disappears from the hospital and is found in the middle of nowhere completely naked.

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woo it seems like it's been forever since the season 1 finale - glad I still had that DVR'ed at home because this episode picked up right where the last one left off with just a very minimal recap of where we were...also totally loved the new intro credit sequence, that totally reminded me of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" the only thing it was missing was that great rendition of "Immigrant Song" by Trent Reznor... Speaking of tunes though, I was super happy to hear Sally Seltmann's "Dream About Changing" play in the background when Allison gets Scott's message, hope to hear more of her in the future on this show (alongside some NIN or Trent Reznor to give a nice balance of pleasant and scary music)

Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Trust me, if he saw a naked girl outside a computer screen, he'd remember.

Mr. Leahy

Allison: You okay?
Scott: Just another life threatening conversation with your dad.