"Season 14, Week Two"

The 15 "ladies" move into the mansion this week. A lucky few go on a group date with Jake.

"Season 14 Premiere"

This is the premiere of The Bachelor's 14th season. Its star is Jake Pavelka.

"Season 13, Episode 7"

It's fantasy date time in New Zealand, but only two women will remain.

"Season 13, Episode 6"

The field is narrowed from four to three on The Bachelor. Tears are shed and awkwardness is heavy.

"Season 13, Episode 5"

In Seattle, Jason Mesnick races home to give Ty a big hug. The women pull up in a limo outside of the Olympic Fairmont Hotel, which is r...

"Season 13, Episode 4"

A General Hospital shoot and a couple of dramatic dates defined this terrific episode of The Bachelor.

"Season 13, Episode 3"

Jason Mesnick whittles down the field as the drama escalates like never before.

"Season 13, Episode 2"

Jason Mesnick axes two more women after one pulls out on her own.

"Season 13 Premiere"

Jason Mesnick meets 25 women and culls the field down to 15. Excitement ensues.

"Episode 6 (Season 12)"

The time has come on The Bachelor for Matt Grant to head out on hometown dates. He traveled to meet the families of Shayne Lamas, Chelse...