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When Sheldon gets stuck on a problem he's trying to solve, he snaps.  Sheldon decides that like Einstein, he needs a pedestrian job to keep him distracted so he can solve his problem.  Sheldon tries to apply for a job, but after failing he shows up at the Cheesecake factory and just begins working for no pay.  After busing and eventually waiting tables, dropping some dishes help him solve his problem and he takes off.

Meanwhile, when Raj suggests they guys go for some roller skating and disco dancing, Leonard and Wolowitz take the idea and go on a double date, embarassing the ladies in the process.

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Actually there's nothing wrong with an entire 30 minutes of Sheldon. He was hilarious in this one! It's funny seeing him tortured! Loved it when Bernadette was trying to make him go to bed and when he finally figures out the wave thing. The guy is awesome!


I was not expecting so much L/P scenes, so this ep made my life!


I need a proof reader, or glasses I'm soo sorry for my typos..good show..thanks:)


hello- last night was so funnny....the store conversations before The intro of the pgm......very good, creative, here's that old saying, tired but true..out-of-the-box...I know you heard it before, but it was...just who talks like that before the intro - in the store Leonard having problems with his sex life..made me watch.....and at the end of the show he & Penny say they just want to be "friends" then the door closes....cute....fun....good pace there...I'm glued to the tv, I wanted to fast forward those commercials.....Love is the answer...it always is...Soul Mates...
or another....friends with benefits....I love your coined that for me....

The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

I haven't seen him this stuck since he tried to figure out the third Matrix movie.


Wolowitz [about Sheldon]: How long's he been stuck?
Leonard: Intellectually about 30 hours, emotionally about 29 years.
Wolowitz: Have you tried rebooting him?
Leonard: No, I think it's a firmware problem.