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The episode opens with Penny and Leonard in bed and after quoting Penny quotes Star Wars, Leonard confesses his love to her only to get a thank you back.  Despite their problems, the not-so-happy couple joins the rest of the gang in a bowling match off against Stuart's crew, which includes Wil Wheaton as a substitute.  During the first round, Leonard harasses Penny about not saying I love you back and she eventually storms off.  Sheldon manages to get them a do-over, but this time, Wheaton gets inside Penny's head and convinces her to break up with Leonard.  She ends up breaking up with him, storming off.  The boys end up losing and forced to wear female superhero costumes.

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It was a good change to see brains and beauty in a loving relationship and was fun to see it grow, but sad to hear it is considered by viewers as lame. Wheaton just makes my anger boil and not fun to watch the show takes that direction. Leslie Winkle with Leonard is just too boring, not funny for two of the same to pair up.