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When Howard finally breaks the news to his mom that he's engaged to Bernadette, it lands her in the hospital.

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Charlie Sheen is right. Charlie Sheen is AWESOME!!


But you CAN have a show about dysfunction with an actor not dysfunctional - it's called ACTING!!! And why are you so concerned about Hugh Grant's sexual behavior? Didn't you just say "How can you make a show about total dysfunction, then think Sheen is to live a normal life..." If it's ok for Sheen why not, to a lesser degree, for Grant as well? An apology from Sheen wouldn't ensure his sobriety or civil behavior...you think somehow he's ready for an abnormal paycheck now that he's been sober for a bit?


Hi TBBT people: Why or Why do you continue to have Sara Gilberts photo as cast and she is not in the cast for many seasons now, shes on the CBS TALK everyday. So you should update this website and get rid of the photos. You keep the quotes updated weekly, therefore you should update your photos on cast members also.
Nothing bugs a photography major and a science major more than an incorect photo and an incorrect formula for centering the gravity of a situation. RE: Charlie Sheen, to be replaced, or Not to be replaced, that is the question? I think the typos are fixed on this version....sorry, I'm a bit dixletic..... Warlocks cannot be replaced -hold the cheesecake Hugh Grant would be wrong, wrong, wrong just to VERY, VERY, WRONG. I say, Chuck Lorre and Les Moonves and Peter Roth should sit at lunch at the W/B and order a cobb salad and a glass of ice tea with Charlie Sheen. Then, the three of them tell Charlie Sheen to get on his knees and say he is sorry for being so insulting ...lets, see, how about, he says he's sorry for insulting just about everybody, the network, himself, Charlie Levine and Sheen's 3 xwives, all his old girlfriends, his cast, his crew, his make up and all the editors, other script writers, other show runners, and most of all... US Joe Public that had to hear about this mess for weeks. But Joe Public is VERY forgiving...And, last I heard, Charlie wanted his job back after he was sober a few weeks and had the guts to admit he was wrong on a multitude of levels. But, forgive and forget. For Charlie Sheen to come back for another 22 or 20 episodes I feel it would take great script writing. We never know,US Joe Public, what goes on behind the scenes. Charlie Sheen said he felt he was treated by Chuck Lorre like a cold cup of coffee at 9pm....Maybe he needs an expresso machine on set that works....And some appreciation. Sounds like Sheen didn't like the way Lorre kept talking to him about his weight, or whatever. Sheen didnt' like the way Lorre treated others on set and he said, Lorre was wailing on someone that has been there a very long time....So it's he said, he said, they did, they didn't do....on and on and on... Bottom line, why give Charlie Sheen free money since his contract was signed for next season. Make him work for it. Rehire him back to the W/B, and he has to be on his very good behavior with his Goddess by his side and Lorre should learn to kiss his ___________ due to the fact, Charlie Sheen is sensitive, very........so like a tree in a wind, everyone bends a little out of their way so it can be business as usual and have the final season be the best final season ever for the 18 million viewers this show once had. No other comedy show came close to the numbers this show had. No other comedy could get close to 20 million viewers and beat American Idol numbers... An advertisers dream...Always making the numbers...no make goods here...Unless you cancel next year... If Sheen wants to say he's sorry, and Lorre stops with the annoying vanity cards, could this show go on... Has Chuck Lorre gone over to Charlies home to clear up misunderstandings......Why do people always get lawyers, wrong, wrong just plain wrong. Sit and have lunch instead....start fresh like the seasons.. If you are at that luncheon table with Lorre, Les, Peter and Sheen, I want to be there to talk about the ROSE SHOW....Sheen can play a minor part so he can tour the world with his sold out concerts where people come to boo him...That must wear on his ego. Sheen now misses that two million a week paycheck and an I'm sorry is more then ever needing to happen for him. There can't be a replacement for a Warlock. But, I like the way, Rose and Marion could do a show with the other cast members and get a huge women audience....She needs some fun girlfriends and lots of action at the Malibu bars. Without the cops pulling them over for a dui.. I'm thinking of a replacement if the relationship can't be healed. (It's not like either of them go to church on Sundays.) Robert Downey, Jr....now there's your replacement. But, I don't know if anyone of his caliber would want to hurt Sheen's feelings...Such a cut throat Business, we all know that..... How can you make a show about total dysfunction, then think Sheen is to live a normal life with an abnormal paycheck he wasn't ready to have. I think agents run the world, I'd like to hire his agent, call me, I'm ready to work...Agents are contract happy...The good news is CBS and the WB got Charlie out of a lot of circumstances, the bad news is Charlies big mouth and access to all the major networks and rag mags any time he wants to vent. I hope the W/B and CBS can work things out with Sheen, it would be a sad day if it just stops without Sheen. I've seen companies hire people back after they got fired. Usually the UNION steps in and creates a settlement. So is SAG involved? People with level heads where forgiveness meets sanity and a stop to name calling. Frankly, CBS should stop Chuck Lorre doing those STUPID vanity cards....just stop the nonsense. Hey, I'm just saying, it's over the top...stop and write scripts that mean something funny. Know when to end your show without those annoying cards. Lee Aronsohn doesn't do weekly vanity cards, and Bill Prady doesn't, Lorre must think that instead of acting he wants to build his brand up with a card that is negative towards people, places and things. Nouns, verbs and adjatives....just end those. Showrunners can write the best scripts, hire the best actors, get the best set designers and get the best networks, and best show dates and time, and get support from the best ad agencies coast to coast...but without people supporting each other in front of their face and behind their backs ....you have nothing..... Charlie Sheen needs holistic help. If this show and the W/B and CBS can't support Charlie Sheen and forgive him due to his upbringing and excess, then there is no hope ever to kick American Idols ass in future ratings... If Bon Jovi replaced him...you'd have back some major numbers.
Bon Jovi gives to good causes and you can depend on him. If he'd do it....could you imagine that..... 2.5Men needs to get rid of the live plays you do in front of people, stop with the stupid laughing in the backround, and just do like Modern Family does......think outside boxes...... Tell me when that Cobb Salad is ready W/B....I like extra avacado.
Hold the cheesecake.......give it to your tour guides... Hire American Actors and Songwriters When I think of Hugh Grant I think he is a social retard.. Come on people, he was on Leno once, and admitting that the black girl was ____________ in the car when the cops came and busted them. Is that good "Moral Turpitude" = and he's not even an American... What is it with you guys, are there no American actors that need a paycheck, ready to take on a Warlocks job? Get Sheen on his knees and get him back...at least try it, one day at a time......Hope for the best, get the best.... Warlocks have magic... Witches and Warlocks stick together, You're either in or your out...

The Big Bang Theory Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

Sheldon: Do you know where the phrase jibber jabber comes from?
Penny: Oh my god, you're about to jibber jabber about "jibber jabber?"

Have you told your parents you're dating this short glass of skim milk?