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  • Raj, Leonard and Howard decide the guys should have a 48 hour video game weekend. 
  • Sheldon wants to join them, but Amy reminds him that he agreed to attend her Aunt's birthday.
  • Sheldon decides to bring his laptop and headset to the party to join the guys remotely. Amy sarcastically says he should just stay if he wants to play games. Sheldon doesn't get the sarcasm and leaves Amy to go to the party alone.
  • Howard brings Bernadette to the guy's weekend to the dismay of the other guys.
  • Amy hangs out with Penny after her aunt's party.
  • Amy and Penny interrupt the video game party, so Amy can yell at Sheldon.
  • Raj finally breaks down about being the only one without a girlfriend and how the girls are ruining his desire for an old-school guys weekend.
  • The girls all leave and the guys play video games until Howard's mom shows up to get him.
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