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Cathy and Adam go overboard in their generosity, while Joy tells Paul to seek an endorsement deal. Elsewhere, Sean attends a fund-raising auction with his two new pals.

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I am so sad to see the series taking the downfall course in this season. It seems that the authors did not believe the success of the previous seasons and decided to trow most of its characters in the mud of lascivity, as if they think that, to keep the audience, the show must contain a lot of sex - implicit or not. I was watching the series for its drama, humor, technical quality and the acting is pretty good. But now that it turned into a who-does-sex-with-whom, I lost the interest. If people want porn, there are too many options around. It is so rare to see a good series like The Big C was in the previous seasons, but now that it is trying to become a sex-oriented series and lost its main theme, it just turned into a "meh... another of those low grade series...".


Episode sure wasn't lacking in the perv department! While I did enjoy it, I couldn't help but think that they wish this show could strike as good of a balance between raunch, comedy, and heartfelt drama as Shameless, but I guess that's a pretty high standard. Anyway, my favorite part of the episode was the closing montage, so much insanity all at once - Cathy disrupts the church bazaar; Paul jerks off in a hotel room to Joy’s juice video, then Cathy stumbles upon Dave & Maxine’s secret...juicy. I also loved the song that played at the end, it took me forever to find anything about it, but I guess it's called "Run With a Knife" by The Left Hands, never heard of them but I thought it was a great song to math the best part of this episode.Â