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The federal lawsuit against Brenda heats up on this episode of The Closer.

Peter Goldman is actively recruiting convicts from prison.

A murder suspect is found with Peter Goldman's business card on his body, but they are not otherwise related.

The suit is dropped against Brenda, but a rule is named after her that keeps any suspect from being released into a hostile environment.

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I agree!  I say it's Detective Daniels. She's been vaguely and intermittently mentioned since departing the show but you've never really heard where she went and all, since the feudish breakup with her and Gabriel. Her character sort of went dangling. Then there was suddenly a leak. Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmm. I also only bring up Daniels because everyone else is so obvious....they've said "in the Department" repeatedly through the whole "mole" storyline. That sort of eliminates Fritz, plus with their marriage, Brenda would consider it the ultimate betrayal and never forgive him. Pope could be fired for it by the Mayor, and he and Raydor "uncover" the leak, eliminating them both. Taylor is too obvious a suspect making him unlikely, and Buzz and Sanchez are too loyal. That leaves Tao, Provenza, Flynn, and Gabriel. Sure it can be any of them but again "in the DEPARTMENT" not "in her DIVISION"....hence the spinoff of Major Crimes. If it were in her DIVISION, it is likely the division would have been disbanded or at least the detectives reassigned, which doesn't happen --only Brenda is replaced. so the leak is outside the division. And would likely be someone we are familiar with.


Here is a theory...the leak is Detective Daniels. She has reconnected with Gabriel or Julio and they are unwittingly telling her things about their day...maybe pillow talk...that she is passing on to Goldman.

The Closer Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

I see the victim parked illegally. Is that what makes this a major crime?


Well, since our bad-mannered correction officer didn't do so, let me introduce myself.

Peter Goldman