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When major crimes investigates the murder of a young boy, Tao's son, Kevin, learns a lot about his father. The family dynamic gives Brenda what she needs to solve the crime. Read on for more.
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Provenza, Flynn and Buzz get themselves, the squad and the Feds involved in a case where their skills in screwball comedy shine through. Read the review to see why it was so much fun.
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The reorganization of the LAPD is still not complete, and Brenda and the entire Major Crimes squad are being investigated for a questionable decision Brenda made in the past. The Seventh season premiere starts out on a hostile note and ends with an unexpected development.
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The Closer Quotes

Tao: Holy crap! You got him right between the eyes!
Raydor: Lucky shot. The recoil on these beanbag guns is awful.

[To Sgt. Gabriel] I should probably explain that I do not form my relationships with people based on how they're treating you. That would be your mother, maybe.