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Sean and Agent Collier are able to escape, but the agent tracks them using the GPS. Collier shoots him.

It cuts to five years earlier when Leila invites Sean to her house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Sean meets the Buchanan’s for the first time and gets uncomfortable when they bring up his parents. As it goes, he really hasn’t maintained a relationship with either of his parents.

The President goes to see the flight passengers and no  one remembers anything. Michael wakes up and just wants to know that his daughters are okay.  Blake doesn’t tell anyone that he’s interviewing the pilot, Michael.

Back at the White House, the President’s son gets an unexpected call from a mysterious cell phone inside his backpack. It’s Thomas and he gives the President an ultimatum. Release the prisoners or more people will really die.

Vicky moves Leila into an undisclosed location.  Sean and Collier think that they’ve tracked the right house, but an older lady answers the door instead.  Vicky gets a call to end Leila’s life.

The President is furious that his son’s backpack was left unattended.  It flashes back to a year earlier when the President and his wife meet with Sophia for dinner.

Sophia cracks and tells the President that the man on the other line was Thomas.  She tells him that he’s a loose cannon and he needs to give Thomas what he wants for the safety of his country and people.  Just at that moment, all the passengers from the flight start to get really bad nose bleeds.

While in the lady’s house, Sean searches the back room and finds Vicky’s son.  He takes a picture of him and then confronts her mom about Vicky’s whereabouts.

Leila is able to escape by shooting Vicky. The local cops don’t believe her and when she gets to the station she calls Sean and leaves him a message to come get her.

When the cop goes to the back office, he tells Vicky and her coconspirator are waiting for him. It flashes back to the whole scene since bringing Leila to the house. Everything was set up so they can catch Sean.

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@wesker Ah, no. The flashback's actually gave us an insight into Sean's past and the actual reason he would be looking for Leila. And, also, it gave us an insight into Michael's past (he possessed a bottle of wine that was really old.) So, no, they were not pointless.


This show is just sooo bad. I love scifi...Fringe, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Lost...but this show..it's like it's wriiten by a 13 year old. Ohhhh...she git away, but but she didn't really get away,,because they had blanks in the gun..and and..she called him but, ummm his cell phone had a low battery..C'mon already..thats pathetic writing. Of course this story was interuppted by 2 totally meaningless flashbacks that let us know her parents liked him. Only hope this show dies a quick death cause it truly sucks.

The Event Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I don't understand this. I saw these people and they were dead.


Sean: At least now you believe me.
Collier: I haven't gone that far yet.