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The President informs his cabinet that there are an unknown number of non human terrestrials living amongst them.  They are able to decrypt the first line of the message sent into outer space - preparations are being made for your arrival.

Simon meets with Sophia to inform her of Thomas’s message.  Thomas is still missing.

Thomas and Isabella meet with Gerard who shows them the landing pad that has been created for the arrival of their kind.

Leila refuses to believe that her father is one of them. They chase down a woman who tells them where Samantha was taken.  Sean and Leila are able to catch up with the van and get Samantha back.

When Michael is being transferred to another prison, the trip gets intercepted by Simon and they take Mitch. Mitch tells Sophia the only way he’ll help her is if she helps him get his daughters back.

The President meets with Senator Catherine Lewis.  She starts to question the President and realizes that he’s bluffing. When she gets home, the President sent men to collect classified information. Catherine uses her smarts to collect what she knows they are after.

When Leila gets reunited with her father, he admits that he is one of them.

At the prison facility, Blake goes to question Maya about the message sent out to outer space. Meanwhile, Thomas and his men are there to rescue their people.

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Just finished watching "The Event" season 2.
This has to be one of the worst shows we have ever seen.
Poor actin, even worse dialogue. Total waste of time.